Ivory Indulgence

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I recently went on a lunch date that felt like a breath of fresh air. The anticipation had been building as my friend and I meticulously planned every detail, from the quaint restaurant selection to the menu choices that promised culinary delight. What added an extra layer of excitement was our shared decision to don white dresses for the occasion. Little did we know that this simple choise would lead to unexpected laughter and delightfull surprises, creating a memoriable afternoon.

I decided to wear this beautiful simple yet elegant Aubree Mini Dress which hinched my curves perfectly giving my body the look as it’s a tailored fit dress.

The White Crocodile Embossed Crossbody Bag in ivory is a rare find, like a pure pearl waiting to be discovered. However, due to its popularity, it tends to sell out quickly. If you’re unable to find it in ivory, consider opting for the white version with a slightly different strap style. This alternative still captures the essence of the original bag and offers a unique twist.

I chose a simple yet elegant and trendy look for my lunch date with friends. You can try achieving it too.

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