Highlight Heroines: Tips for Healthy, Vibrant Hair

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Hair health is incredibly important to me, as I believe that healthy-looking hair is a key component of a polished appearance. I am an avid fan of hair dye and highlights, but I am aware that these treatments can have a negative impact on the health of my hair. I have learned from personal experience that box dyes and highlights can cause damage and roughness to my hair, despite what some hairdressers may claim.

It is important to acknowledge that even professional hair treatments, which are often laden with chemicals, can also contribute to hair damage. Therefore, I am committed to putting in the extra effort to maintain the health of my hair, despite my love for coloring and styling. I believe that taking care of my hair is essential for achieving the perfect look that I desire.

a lot of people asked me, my secret for healthy-looking hair even after getting highlights so many times, so today I will be sharing my health-care secret with you all.

  1. Sulfate Free Shampoo

Moroccanoil Sulfate free shampoo is a gentler and more natural option for cleansing the hair. It’s beneficial for sensitive skin, dry or frizzy hair, and helps maintain color-treated hair.

2. Conditioner

Use hydrating Conditioner after every hair wash to keep your hair smooth and healthy. This will improve its overall appearance and manageability.

3. Hair Trimming

Regular hair trimming every 6 months is generally recommended to maintain healthy hair, but if your hair is excessively damaged, it’s advisable to trim it every 3 months to promote better hair health and manageability.

4. Heat Protecting Spray

Perfect Defense Heat Protectant Prior to using any heating tool on your hair, it is advisable to apply Perfect Defense Heat Protectant. This product acts as a shield, creating a protective barrier that helps minimize potential damage caused by the high temperatures associated with styling tools.

5. Hat

use a Chino Cap before going out in the sun as it can protect your hair from UV rays

6. Combing Hair

The worst thing you can do to harm your hair is to comb it through when it’s damp. never ever comb your hair before it dries.

7. Silk Pillow Case

Begin by Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Zipper Closure into your routine, as silk fabric is beneficial for promoting the health of both your hair and skin.

8. Healthy Eating Habits

myths about taking supplements are literally worse if you search about it but I would recommend you to start taking these Women’s Probiotic Supplement. having a healthy balance diet, daily exercise really helps you to achieve healthy hair goals.

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