The Dream of Walk-In Closet

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Since watching Narnia, I’ve always fantasized about having a walk-in closet where I could step inside and magically find a room filled with beautifully designed dresses, branded shoes, handbags, and more. The idea of having such a space consumed my thoughts, and when I began searching for my own home, I knew exactly the kind of house I wanted to build my dream walk-in closet.

I started working on my walk-in closet idea as soon as I moved into my new home. I instantly switched on my laptop, went shopping, and bought everything I would need for my walk-in closet renovation, including shelves, hangers, rods, pre-made shoe racks, and everything else.

Of course, I can’t wait to share everything with you and reveal the final product. I will detail my entire journey to create the perfect walk-in closet.

I made my walk-in closet window-equipped since I didn’t want to be dependent on artificial light sources or LED lights alone. For the windows, I went with the Emina Grommet Polyester Sheer Curtain Panel as it lets in natural light and gives me some privacy from the outside world.

Kentral Standard Hanger for Suit/Coat is essential for a closet. How else would I hang my clothes?

And where should I hang the hangers? For that, I needed a 24.875 ” Closet Rod, which perfectly matched my measurements. It’s also a sturdy rod that doesn’t bend under weight.

Oh, and this adorable 4-Tier 16 Paris Revolving Lazy Susan Shoe Rack Storage Organizer caught my eye. Instead of using it for my heels or shoes, I decided to use it for my clutch collection.

I didn’t want to keep moving my coat collection for my daily wear, so I bought the Dianthe Modern Free-standing Metal Coat Rack W/7 hooks to hang my daily use handbag, coat, and hat.

One advantage and drawback of being a fashion influencer is that you get to wear all the new shoe collections and have to buy them for yourself. Managing them is one big issue, but the Shoe Stothe rage Cabinet Freestanding Shoe Rack Organizer with Adjustable Shelves for Up to 28 Pairs solved my issue. I can fit my whole collection for now in this. solved my issue I can fit my whole collection for now in this.

I had the perfect spot for the beautiful Veroniza Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror, and its charming design captivated me.

The renovation of my walk-in closet has truly transformed it into a space that I love. Adding natural light and paying careful attention to its design has made it a place I truly enjoy, but I don’t think I’ll stop decorating it until my last breath. It was obviously not an easy job to do but am happy that am somewhere close to my dream.

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